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Garrigues has published poetry, fiction, essays, journalism and photography in a variety of media.

Her short story, Dreamspinner, won two fiction awards, and she has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in poetry.  She won a Project Censored Award for her coverage for Yes Magazine of the Argentine people's response to their economic crisis.

Her journalism has taken her throughout the

Americas, with a special focus on Native and Latin American issues. On-the-scene coverage has ranged from a feature on a Mapuche-run hospital in Chile to an investigation of the effects of the Camisea gas project on the Machiguenga people of the Peruvian Amazon to a Cherokee artist's creative efforts to keep her people's language alive.

Since returning to the United States, she has continued to write for  diverse publications, with a special interest in cultural and environmental issues, and has taught prose and poetry writing to adults of all ages. 


and Translations

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