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Garrigues' poetry has appeared in  Nimrod, Southwestern American Literature,  Fish Drum,  Conditions, the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, So to Speak, and others.  

She has  published three poetry chapbooks, taught poetry workshops and performed her work at venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including a one woman show at San Francisco's The Marsh.  


the thing you must ask of the poem

           (from Seeing Is Bright Between My Hands, Blue Amber Press, 1994. Originally published in Pudding Magazine)

Investigating the Witness

         (from Sky Full of Holes, Lizard Blue Press, 2000, illustrations by Chris                Wayan. Originally published in The Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal) 

Center of the Dream

           Originally published in Southwestern American Literature

The Visit

         (originally published in So to Speak,  George Mason University, 2001)

A limited number of signed chapbooks are available for sale from the author. 

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